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Birding Business

birding business

This month’s bird

The Hairy Woodpecker

  • Birdola® Products - Rick Savino - Wildlife feeding specialist created cake feeding system in 1988. Convenient to use. NO filler seeds means less mess under feeder. New Stacker allow multiple blends on prefeeder, attracting wider variety of birds.
    1650 Broadway NW , Grand Rapids, MI 49504
    Phone: (800) 247-3652 -- Fax: 616-365-0194


  • Cole\'s Wild Bird Products Co. - Elaine / Sindy - Only for independent retailers Full and complete line of the absolute highest quality wild bird feed and suet products, including our famous Coles Hot Meats and Cajun Cardinal Blend. Now barrier packaged for guaranteed freshness and no bugs.
    P.O. Box 2227 , Kennesaw, GA 30156
    Phone: 770-426-8882 -- Fax:


  • Duncraft, Inc. - Michael Dunn - America\'s only squirrel-proof platform feeder. Highest quality squirrel-proof & squirrel resistant bird feeders on the market. Globes, Windowpane, Havens, Selectives, Cattail, Stocking and Squirrel-Blocker feeders. Wide selection of window decals.
    102 Fisherville Road , Concord, NH 03303
    Phone: 800-252-5696 -- Fax: 800-664-6998


  • Homestead/Gardner Equipment - Ken Hepp / Carrie - Revolutionary hummingbird feeders attract more hummingbirds. Eliminate mold growth for healthier birds. No need to drain nectar every 3-4 days due to mold growth.
    167 W. Kindt St. , Juneau, WI 53039
    Phone: 920-386-4880 -- Fax: 920-386-5611


  • Pacific Bird & Supply Co., Inc. - Danielle Mohilef - The go-to supplier for alternative food sources for wild birds. Our all-natural products contain protein-rich worms, insects, fruits, seeds and nuts to attract a greater variety of wild birds year-round.
    5966 S. Western Ave. , Los Angeles, CA 90047
    Phone: (888) 541-BIRD (2473 -- Fax: (323) 938-9530


  • Pine Tree Farms - Michele Griego-Stillions - Pine Tree Farms, Inc. Making quality wild bird food products to attract your favorite backyard feathered friends. We encourage \"feeding for all seasons!\"
    3714 Cayuga St. , Interlaken, NY 14847
    Phone: 800-554-9360 -- Fax: 607-532-4311


  • Sun Country Farms - - Gourmet wild bird food designed to attract a larger variety of birds to your backyard. Wild bird food which preserves bird habitat by using only 100% green, emission free electricity.
    218 Elevator Rd. , Langham, SK S0K 2L0
    Phone: (877) 217-7333 -- Fax: (306) 283-4793


  • Wildlife Sciences - Bill Gleason - Innovative suet products. Featuring unique Suet Balls and Suet Plugs. Makers of Suet Plus, the suet cake in the candy bar wrapper, award winning packaging. 2010 Environmental Package of the year.
    4268 Norex Dr. , Chaska, MN 55318
    Phone: 952-368-9305 -- Fax: 952-368-4234