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Birding Business - December 2013

Publisher's Note

No Thanks

BY RAY DAVID | Editor/Publisher

Or was that… NO! – thanks.

My secondary pastime, apart from birding and nature, is antique classic cars. The local club here in Florida, of which I’m a member, had its Concours d’Elegance a few weeks ago – a rather successful event I’m happy to say. We enjoyed wonderful weather, great attendance and a full complement of excellent cars.

As anyone who belongs to a club of any sort knows, all the key functions are completely voluntary and no one is paid for the work they do on behalf of the club. One of the values of such a group is that the members come from all walks of life with a variety of talents and connections, and are very happy to offer those assets to ensure success in club activities, something that is needed and very much appreciated. In addition to that, most events must also rely on financial support from local businesses to help cover the various costs of running it, and we have enjoyed many years of such sponsorship from our local dealers.

At a club meeting following this show one of the members brought up a conversation he’d had with a sponsoring dealer who had gone above and beyond to help both financially and in-kind, and how much the dealer appreciated a letter of thanks one of our members sent him afterward. A ‘thank you’ is always well-received, of course, but as it turned out – after 31 years of unstinting support – that was the very first time the dealer had ever been thanked for helping.  And it was not even from the club, but from a participating member.  Every one of the 20-some-odd at the meeting had been active in many events supported by that dealer in the past and all were astonished to hear of the oversight. But none had ever thought to do it himself. 

A week later we were turned down by another dealer when he was asked for support for next year’s event. I wonder if a past forgotten ‘Thank You’ would have made a difference.
Are you careful to ensure that those who go out of their way for you are thanked? It could be far more important than just two simple words.

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