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Birding Business - September 2010

September 2010

Innovation is the Watchword

The best minds take it seriously and stay informed

BY RAY DAVID | Editor/Publisher

I’ve been out doing a bit of travelling this summer, keeping in touch with those who make this industry what it is, meeting new people and learning new things. Some of what I’ve learned confirms for me that some really positive thinking is hard at work making bird feeding and bird watching better and more fun for everyone. Innovation is still the watchword and the best minds take it seriously.

New products and variations of established ones will continue to flow from warehouses, new thinking will continue to make shopping a steadily evolving experience for consumers, and new processes to make old technology better and more effective will transform the way in which some of our products are made. Dan and Ruth Bloedorn continue to direct the path of Birds Choice® into new products and processes to expand the market. Gold Crest Distributing continues to make new products more easily accessible for independent retailers. And the most creative minds in bird feeding technology have Kaytee poised to make new inroads in packaged bird food.

Another company to watch is Scotts Miracle Gro, a relative new comer in the bird feeding business, but one with the foresight and planning already in place to revolutionize a fairly staid commodity and make it exciting again. Pinebush Home and Garden is also a new name in this market, specializing in both gardening and birding products. This company serves all of North America from its headquarters in Elmira, Ontario, a beautiful country village just a couple of hours drive from Toronto, but a lifetime away from big city traditions. 

Much of this is information that will come to you sooner or later through advertising or conversation with others. But there is much more going on than can be detailed here and the best way to keep up is to check in daily with friends and colleagues, and visit various web sites often.

Said Gordon Gekko in the 1980s film Wall Street, “The most important thing I can think of is information”, and that is no less true today than it was then.  Things happen a great deal faster today than ever before. Your world will be impacted in some way by everything that goes on in the nature products industry, and the more you know in advance the easier it will be to deal with when it comes.

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