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This month’s bird

The Hairy Woodpecker

New Products


Squirrel Buster Plus Weather Guard
Give your song birds shelter with Squirrel Buster’s new weather guard.  The polycarbonate UV protected weather guard is designed specifically for the Squirrel Buster Plus and installs in seconds without any tools. It comes with a hassle free lifetime warranty.
www.bromebirdcare.com | $19.95

Mount your Squirrel Buster Plus wild bird feeder anywhere in your yard using the new pole adaptor. The powder coated die cast pole adaptor fits any 1” pole and comes with a stainless steel mid ring to thwart squirrels. It is 100% squirrel proof and rust proof, comes with a hassle free lifetime warranty.
www.bromebirdcare.com | $17.95

New Ant Barrier from Little Dipper Inc.
The Ant-Foil is a patented, non-toxic alternative to insect barriers and moat-type ant traps for hummingbird and oriole feeders. This ant barrier will not go dry or require frequent cleaning, and is earth-friendly. It uses a stable, waterproof, non-drying adhesive that acts as a barrier in the path of ants heading to your nectar feeders. It comes pre-treated and ready to use. (505) 281-7090
www.littledipperinc.com | $10.00

Keyhole Camera Harness
This simple device is the perfect companion piece for the field birder to reduce the weight of the camera on the neck strap, and keep it ready to use without swinging or swaying. The harness attaches to your backpack or chest strap, and attaches to the camera through the tripod mount.  
www.backcountrysolutions.com | $34.95






New Entry Level Binocular from Zeiss
CARL  ZEISS Sports Optics is bringing a new series of binoculars to the market at a price that puts them within reach of more birders, especially young birders. Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, says  “Zeiss is the leader in world class premium birding optics, but we have to be realists when outfitting the American birder.  We listened to what the birding market is asking for and have developed an outstanding binocular at incredibly competitive price points.  TERRA ED will position the ZEISS brand as an additional choice of optics to millions more who love birding and nature observation.”
www.carlzeisssportoptics.com | 8x42 - $349.99 | 10x42 - $399.99




Singing Bird Clock
Ahhh, the perennial favorite from Feldstein is back… this time it works on both sides – the clock face is on one side, and on the other is a thermometer! The frame in which it is mounted adds a real touch of class.

Mark Feldstein and Associates | $34.95

Wildlife’s Choice LLC
Wildlife’s Choice has been busy updating their birdfeeders, nest boxes and bat houses. All are manufactured to correct species specifications using 7/8” kiln-dried cedar with stainless steel screws, and each unit is delivered with instruction cards for proper placement.